Ladies and Gentlemen,
we are very pleased to present our next investment related to real estate. Accessible and addressed to everyone, and above all it is the ideal solution for the family.
ARTS company based on years of experience has decided to meet the expectations and took a fantastic project related to the construction of houses in an unusual place. A few minutes north of Wroclaw in the municipality of Długołęka in a very good public transport connections to Wroclaw, Trzebnica and Oleśnica, village Bierzyce arise spacious houses with gardens. In every house, on the first, daily floor there is a living room, exit to the garden, kitchen, toilet, utility room and staircase to the upper floor. On the next floor there are three bedrooms, a bathroom and an entrance to the attic area of ​​approximately 20m2.
Each house has a parking space.
People want to live in a modern and well-constructed buildings. We want to create a place where residents feel proud of actually taken vital decisions.
We believe that the implementation of such projects is not just about providing people with shelter, but also about the aesthetics and atmosphere.
We make every effort to ensure that every building meets high standards and low energy demand. Therefore, in all premises we use HEAT PUMP energy and materials, such as:
Ytong and Silka - Xella;
thermal insulation system facades NEOTHERM-Neographite 18cm;
plaster system - the company KosBud;
filigree ceilings - Company Betard;
Ceramic tile Braas Monier-;
trzyszybowe windows with shutters - Company Window-Piast;
Steel and steel products supplies Steel Consortium SA
For more information we invite you to contact us on the number 796609712 .